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Links All Indie Authors Should Bookmark

by Solae Dehvine on July 15, 2012

Saw this when I was going through the kindle-boards..think all indie authors should bookmark these and get to work.

Thank me Later after you start publishing


To Publish:  (E-Book)  (E-Book)  (E-Book)  (Paperback Books)  (Paperback and Hardcover Books)

Important Links if You Want to Publish Audiobooks: (Podcast-based audiobooks)

To Buy ISBNs: (U.S.)  (U.K.)

Conversion Software:

Blogs That You Should Check Out:
(also on YouTube at:

Freelance Editors:


Blogs To Notify For Free Book Promos:

Cover Designers:

Cover Art:

Helpful Boards:,60.0.html  (Writer’s Cafe)  (Writer’s Forum) (Forum)

Industry News:

Transferring paper books to e-files:

U.S. Copyright Office:

To Get a List of E-Book Formatters and Cover Artists:
Send an email to Smashwords, asking for Mark’s List.

To Get a List of Just About Everything:
Sign into Writer’s Café on the Kindle Boards and go to Kindleboards Yellow Pages for Writers.
Here’s the link to the thread:,50419.msg868937.html#msg868937


You can also download “Be The Monkey” for free, from either Barry Eisler’s or J.A. Konrath’s webstores.

E-Book Formatting:

Audiobook Formatting:



Now get to work!


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